Big Ugly Mess

Believe it or not, I try not to be political on my blog. I try to be diplomatic. O.K. so I’m not always successful.

Right now we are faced with a big ugly mess in our schools. It’s contract time for our teachers. Our provincial government has refused to negotiate.Add to that the fact that the parliament has been prorogued. The union is not happy with the new contracts. Strikes are looming and all extra curricular activities have been suspended.

I know that these issues are never black and white. I have issues with the government as well as with the union. But, first and foremost I am angry that it is the students who are being used as pawns. As far as I’m concerned this does nothing to engender any feelings of empathy on my part for the teachers. This is like watching divorcing parents put their spite for one another in front of the well being of their children.

That’s all I’m saying.

2 responses to “Big Ugly Mess

  1. I can understand that it is difficult from your point of view as a parent. But believe me, when we reach a dead-end there are not many options to put pressure on a government without impacting the students one way or another.

    • Hannah, I get what you’re saying. I have two issues. The first is that the teacher’s union here is very powerful and because of this they make demands that many who work in the private sector view as unreasonable. Really these are my two issues tied into one, the power of the union and the unrealistic attitude that it has developed.

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