Diamonds, A Girl’s Best Friend?

I grew up in a jewelery household.  My dad was a jeweler.  He and my mother owned a jewelery store together for many years. My eldest sister worked with my parents in their store.  My other sister worked as a diamond grader for a while. I never worked in the business but I certainly grew to appreciate jewelery.

Pearls are my absolute favourite. Throw some diamonds in with the pearls and it just doesn’t get any better.

I’m also a practical person. As much as I appreciate the beauty of jewelery I don’t feel a need to own a lot of it.  Just how much jewelery can one person wear? I can’t believe I actually said that.  If money were no  object I might just sing a different tune.  Or, I might just own some first edition books instead.

Imagine my surprise at the discovery that my hands are actually covered in diamonds! The thing is that they are not the sparkling clear kind nor are they canary yellow or pink they are not even the hard to understand black diamonds (how did they ever become popular?).  They are just the wrinkly kind.

Yes, I have diamond shaped wrinkles covering my hands. I never knew that wrinkles could be diamond shaped but it’s true they can. They don’t actually look any more appealing in the shape of diamonds and I can’t help but feel that it’s some sort of joke on me. Will the daughter of Manolo Blahnik (yes, yes I know he probably doesn’t have a daughter) have shoe shaped wrinkles? If I had purchased more diamonds when I was younger would I have fewer wrinkles now? Can I use this as an argument to explain to my husband why we need to buy lots of diamonds?

Have you ever heard of anyone getting plastic surgery for hand wrinkles? A hand lift?

I hate wrinkles, they only look good on shar peis.