Latke Guilt

It’s officially Latke Day at my house.

One day a year during Chanukah I treat my family to latkes. I could complain about the work involved but really with the use of a cuisinart it’s not sooo much work. The standing and frying is not much more tedious than making regular pancakes.

But, can we talk about the oil? We all  know that one Chanukah miracle was that the oil  burned for eight days so in celebration we eat sufganiyot and latkes however, each latke makes me feel as though I’ve eaten eight days worth of oil. I mean really I should be grateful that it’s not a holiday about the celery that did not wilt for eight days. But latkes just seem so indulgent.

I know, I know it’s just one day a year. We just have a lot of holidays that seem to celebrate with great food.

I can hear you out there saying, “Be good the days in between the holidays and just enjoy the celebrations.” You’re right, ideally that is what I should do. It’s just so much harder to do it that way. Guilt is so much easier and doesn’t it burn extra calories?

Whatever you eat this holiday I wish you and your families a joyous, healthy and   peaceful Chanukah.

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