Funny Relationships

The older I get the more it seems to me that life is filled with funny relationships.

Or maybe funny is not the right word, I think the word that I’m looking for is casual. Maybe it’s not all people in general maybe it’s me specifically. I’ve become happy with casual relationships. Perhaps it’s the fact that as my children grow and our relationships change from one thing to another the need for deep external relationships has changed as well.

This brings me to my relationship with WordPress and with blogging and yes I do think that relationship is the right word. I once had a need to get my thoughts out there. To put my feelings into words. That need seems to have left me for now.  I still like thinking about blog topics and considering things that I might want to say and exactly how I want to say them, but the need has deserted me.

I now view WordPress as the old friend who you meet for coffee every once in a while, no longer the buddy that I looked forward to playing with every day at recess.

So, whenever I have something to say that is coffee worthy I’ll find my way to the computer and I’ll jot it down. Maybe one day I’ll go back to regular recess play and more frequent postings.

I’ve learned that relationships change and sometimes relationships that you think will be in your life forever just aren’t. It’s O.K. it’s just life.