Well, summer is over and none too soon.

The kids are back in school and even with the holidays and my eldest off to his first year of university we are getting into a routine.

I’m calling this the summer that wasn’t.

The weather just couldn’t commit itself this summer. ┬áNot rainy enough to say that we had a really rainy summer not sunny enough to say that it was a beautiful summer and neither hot not cold enough that we could use either of those words to describe it.


It was an especially tough summer for my family as we unexpectedly lost my father-in-law in July.

Believe it or not but 93 can still feel as though it’s too soon. Are we ever ready to say goodbye forever to someone we love?

There is so much that I could tell you about this man but this is far too personal for such a public forum so I’ll keep what I write to a minimum.

My husband and I had to go to Toronto in August. Usually we would drive in to town, pick up my father-in-law and go out to dinner together before going back to his place where we would stay. This time we had no one to check in with, no one who was calling to check our progress along the way.

My husband looked at me in the car and said, “I feel untethered.”

I could not have put it any better. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many children you have when you lose your last parent you lose a piece of your identity.

You become untethered.