Who We Are

Throughout my blog I refer to various member of my family by nickname. Really I think that everyone knows who we are by this point however, in an attempt to save my children from embarrassment I will continue to use their nicknames.

So this is who we are:

Papa Bear – my husband, although I don’t think that I’ve ever referrred to him as that outside of my first post.

The Artiste – my first born son. He could also be named the comedien.

Seek – my first born twin. I may also refer to him as The Runner.

Destroy – my second born twin. He also deserves the name The Computer Kid.

Sporty Girl – my youngest child, my daughter. She certainly has also earned the name The Beleaguered Sister however, I will not refer to her as that.

Big Shvester – my eldest sister.

Kalliope – my other sister, she might refer to herself as “the middle child”.

Me – that is how I will refer to myself. Clever, no? Big Shvester would probably refer to me as “the baby” but we’ll just let that go.

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