Better Than…

I’m sure that I must have mentioned that I’m not a fan of aging. When I was young I believed in growing old gracefully. I was stupid when I was young.

I hate all these little betrayals of the body; the gray hair, the wrinkles and the gravitational pull to name but a few.

I hate that I’m not as sure footed as I once was and walking on ice is now a concern for me in the winter.

I hate my worsening memory. Forgetting things that I’ve said, things that have happened and words, so many words.

I like writing my blog even though I do it rarely. I hate that this very post exists because I sat down at my computer to look something up and then I forgot what it was so I decided to vent instead.

Yes, yes I know that aging is better than dying. Obviously. But really, is that the best response that we can come up with?

Tell me what you like about aging, please.