I Don’t Wanna

Long time no post.

Nothing to say.

Nothing witty.

Nothing half-witty.

Nothing nitwitty.

My son’s friend moved in with us. Busier than ever.

Trying to provide stability in someone else’s life and not positive I’m providing it for my own children.

Eldest has 11 cavities and I am getting crown put in. Living at dentist, periodontist and grocery store.

Overwhelmed by mundaneness of life. In a bit of a slump. Too many friends and family dealing with the downward dip that occurs in the roller coaster ride we call life. Never have enjoyed roller coasters. More a laugh in the dark kind of a girl.

Second snow day in a row. Yesterday’s was unnecessary. You know you’re a stay at home mom of teenagers when snow days just mean dirty dishes and a big mess in the house.

Will snap out of this funk soon and will be happy and cheerful tomorrow. Yes, I’ll think about it tomorrow. Am going to make new dress out of my curtains right now. Shoot, I don’t sew and I don’t really like my curtains enough to wear them.

Would love to read a wonderfully well written uplifting book. Any recommendations? Diane Ackerman need not apply.

Was told yesterday that my “strong psychic abilities” are a gift. Does anyone know to which department I can return them? Not happy that I’ve been told about these “abilities”. Just plain creepy. I worry about enough real stuff, don’t make me consider the supernatural as well.

I will be hanging out with the cowardly lion until I have something to write about.

11a.m. November 11, 2011

Today is Remembrance Day and as always it has me feeling a little weepy.

I attended the Remembrance Day assembly at my daughter’s school. Her class was highly involved in the assembly with each child getting a speaking part so of course I did not want to miss her 1/2 moment in the spotlight. After conferring with her best friend on the phone last night it was decided that the two girls would bow to the pressure from their mothers and they would indeed wear skirts or dresses to school today. If you know Sporty Girl you know that this is a rare occurrence – first time in her 8 years of schooling.

All of that aside, the assembly was well done. Our school has a number of military families who attend. There is a military base not five minutes from my house. I see these men and women in their uniforms, sitting next to their spouses, proudly watching their children and I want to turn around and shake their hands and thank them for the sacrifices that they all make so that we can live in freedom. But I don’t. It seems a little on the flaky side to me. So I sit there wearing my poppy, blinking back my tears and my gratitude.

At the beginning of the assembly a student enters carrying in the Canadian flag and I see those parents in uniform stiffly saluting our flag and I too want to salute. I live in one of the greatest countries in the world where my children have the potential to become whatever they choose. We live in safety and without fear. My flag, my country deserves to be saluted. It was a safe harbour to my in-laws after the war and it continues to be the land of plenty for all of us.

The grade one class sings a song about children living in a world without war and with love. I think to myself, how lucky are we to live somewhere that we can even dream about such a world? I don’t believe that it can happen but I am happy that the children can think that it might.

I offer my gratitude to our military and my love to our country.