What’s Your View on the Tattoo?


Without a doubt tattoos are controversial.

I grew up with very firm religious and social views on tattoos. Back then it would never have been called tattoo art. Tattoos were like mental illness no one in your family suffered from one and if they did you just didn’t talk about it. Tattoos were seen on servicemen and a few jaw dropping characters that I would notice at the Toronto Exhibition each summer.

Then tattoos became popular among the beautiful people in Hollywood. This of course made them popular in the general public. I should qualify that by saying in the general public among a certain age group of which  I cannot claim to be a member.

Now I admit to being heavily influenced by my artistic son (who as of today still does not have a tattoo, thank you, thank you, thank you). He introduced me to an arts website called Koi Koi Koi.  He’s shown me some pretty neat tattoos there.

While I remain ambivalent toward tattoos I can now appreciate the artistry involved and I even get how you might want something permanently displayed on your skin. I just don’t want it on my kids’ skin and I continue to think that there is more bad tattoo art out there than there is good. And as in all things, moderation is always best.

We were recently away with friends for a long weekend in the Bahamas. While there I discovered two things tattoo related. One,I think that I may be the most liberal thinker of that crowd when it comes to tats and two, be very careful of what you have inked on your body FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

To the man who had “The Last Supper” across your back, I hope that you remain firm in your religious convictions and never suffer from any doubts because, oww.

To the goofball who had the drunken Happy Face on his shoulder blade, Really? I mean, really? That’s what you want people to know and to think about you until the day you die?

Check out this website and let me know if it makes you think any differently about tattoos.

koikoikoi.com  (sorry I’m having trouble figuring out how to post this website as a link)

So are you a lover, a hater or indifferent?