Let’s Hear It For Technology

So after all of the hard work, organizing and the tears he’s finally gone. Yes, my eldest is now in Israel for three months and then going backpacking with two buddies until the end of June.

I’m still kind of teary but technology helps. Have I ever said how much I love technology? I don’t get a lot of it, not so good at it but what I do get I love. My current love is Facetime. Yes, I spoke to and saw my son thousands of miles away as though he was in the next room. I feel so Jane Jetson.

Our conversation went something like this:

You look more rested today. Have you adjusted to the time change yet?

Yeah, no problem. I just woke up.

Isn’t it about 3 in the afternoon there?


You just woke up?


You haven’t adjusted. What have you been eating?



Yeah we buy it frozen and then fry it up on our hot plate.

Have you eaten any fruit or vegetables lately?

Does the raspberry jam in sufganiot count?


Yeah, I feel pretty gross. I think I’ll go out for a run today.

That’s good. You need to leave your room and do things. What are you doing with yourself?

Watching Downton Abbey.

When does your programme begin?

I check it out on Tuesday.

Try to get out every day. Where are you exactly.

Really. I have no idea. I’m going to Jerusalem for the weekend to visit friends.

Well THAT’S good. Do you know how to get there?

Nope, but there’s a bus stop nearby I’ll figure it out.

Yeah, you will.

Talk to you later Mom, love you.

Love you too baby. (So much it hurts – which I did not express to him)

This year of him “figuring it out” is forcing a lot of personal growth – mine.

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