When Up Is Down

Sometimes, when you see that perspectives are once again skewed you don’t feel outraged, shocked or even a little bit surprised. You just feel a little nauseated and a whole lot of numb. I’m tired to death of mainstream news.  I’m tired of not hearing that the victims killed in Gaza were killed as much by their leaders’ actions as by the IDF . I’m tired of not hearing that Israel always tries to minimize civilian dammage and always aims for military targets first and foremost. I’m tired of not hearing of the impact  on the lives of the children in Sderot who have had missiles shot at them for years now. I’m tired of not hearing about the tens of thousands of civilians who have been killed in Syria.

I am sick and tired of feeling that Israel must defend its very right to exist and its right to protect its citizens. Do any of us live in a country that needs to defend itself like this? Do I feel the need to apologize to the world because I live in a country ruled by the Europeans who came in, took over and did all that they could to destroy the original native population of this land? Europeans, I might add, who did not have an ongoing existence in this country for over 5000 years. Ontarians were in a tizzy a few years ago when the Aboriginal people of Ontario were staging a slow down on the highway over a land dispute. Hunh, transportation was actually affected. How inconvenient. No guns, no suicide bombers, no missiles. Were the newscasts ever busy that night with peaceful images of the protest.

So really, unless you know what it’s like to live with the constant threat of national security, to send your children off to schools that all have bomb shelters for their safety and then when they’re older to send all of your children off to the army with the possibllity of something truly horrible happening to them just keep your cushy, sanctimonious, anti-semitic opinion to yourself. When innocent children’s lives are at stake, children whose families, friends, teachers, neighbours and leaders only want to be able to live in safety, self defence does not need to be justified. If you don’t get it, it is because you choose not to get it.


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