Creeps Me Out

I’ve noticed lately that the chipmunks around our home seem to be disappearing and we now have more squirrels than ever before. It may be coincidental but I don’t think so. I’m not saying that the squirrels are up to anything nefarious, maybe there just aren’t enough acorns for the two groups and the squirrels being bigger win by default.

I am no fan of rodents. I am embarassed to say that a mouse spotted will definitely cause me to leap onto the nearest chair and then tack up a for sale sign on my property. I’m going to have to go have a shower as soon as I finish writing this post. So, of the two I definitely prefer chipmunks to squirrels. Squirrels are just too rat-like in appearance. In my mind they are just rats with good P.R. My husband claims it’s different because they’re not carnivores. I know some human vegetarians and they look just like the rest of us so that reasoning doesn’t work with my very logical mind.

A few nights ago I was lying in bed alone, my husband was out of town, when I heard a hair raising sound. It was the rapid scratching of something trying to claw its way into my bedroom from just under the window next to my bed. Now this is not the first time that I’ve heard this sound. It seems to have happened around tis time of year for the past three years. The first time it happened was just after we had renovated our home. We had new insulation installed in our attic just over our bedroom. I was sure that in the process mice had gotten in and were now in our walls. Cue the shivers and the for sale sign. We spoke to our contractor and he assured us that this was not possible. Things were sealed up tighter than ever before. We did have a big mouse problem in our old cottage and I knew that the sound was not the same. I was sure that the sound was coming from the brick work. It lasted a couple of nights and we found that if we pound on the wall it stops. The same thing happened the next year and then of course a few nights ago. My daughter has come flying into our room in the middle of the night because she has heard the same sound outside of her room.

A number of winters ago I saw the odd phenomenon of a flock of small birds (maybe chicadees or starlings) land on our brick work and begin to rub their beaks on the bricks. Maybe they were getting some kind of mineral out of the bricks or maybe they were sharpening their beaks I really don’t know. Either way it was odd. Is this what the squirrel is doing? I have no idea but I really don’t like it. What is with my bricks?

Have any of you out there had anything like this happen? Can you solve my mystery for me?

It’s a great noise for a horror film. Now I don’t even want to go have that shower. I’m such a baby.