Everyone But Me and the One Across the Sea

Well it’s been four and a half months since my eldest son left for his travels abroad.

It’s been quite an adjustment.

I really felt the lack of his presence in our house. I like to think of the two of us as the ying to the rest of the family’s yang. He is definitely an artist while I am no artist but am drawn to the arts. I wouldn’t say that the other four people in my house are math geeks but there is certainly a very strong math/science bias amongst them.

Initially dinners were much quieter and much less entertaining without the Artiste to amuse us. We have learned to adjust and over the months everyone else has begun to open up a little more. This is a good thing. The nature of our dinner conversations have changed somewhat and that’s just fine. I might even manage to experience a little growth. Physics has become slightly more interesting to me. I even downloaded the sample of a book on string theory for non-science types. Who knows one day I might just read that sample and then possibly order the actual book. It could happen.

So I’m still missing my son but I’m accustomed to our new normal. It became more difficult when he left Israel and he had to return the phone that we had rented for him to use while he was there. We were counting on the WiFi in the hostels and facetiming with him using his iPad mini. Communication is so much easier now than when I was his age. We didn’t count on him getting mugged on the subway in Barcelona, his first stop after Israel. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt but they did take his passport, Eurail pass, personal journal and iPad. This year is all about growth experiences for him and that was a big one. The Canadian consulate was wonderful and got him a temporary passport within 24 hours. For myself, I feel as though this year is all about learning to let go and watching my grey hair coming in at an alarming rate.

He returns in June and I just pray that he will be tattoo and piercing free. Before I know it he’ll be here causing grey hairs in person. I’m looking forward to it, just please remind me of this in July and August.