What’s Going On?

You know what they say, “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.”

I’m relating to that a little too well right now. I know that I posted a blog on Tuesday. ┬áIt was my first posting in a long time. I called it “Consistently Inconsistent” I wrote it, I published it and then I obsessively followed my stats the rest of the day – yes I do that. Today my son, Destroy, decided that my blog needed a makeover (more on that in a moment). While we were doing that I noticed that my post from yesterday had disappeared. I went into the list of all my posts and saw it listed in a draft. I checked out the draft and found only the beginning of that post. What the heck?! I know that I wrote it, I wrote all of it. I published it. It was read. I can’t for the life of me remember every thing that I said in it even though it was not very lengthy. That seems to be the way of my memory these days. Besides the question of what is happening to my memory, what happened to my post? Has anyone else ever had this happen? I do not like this, not one bit.

On to my makeover. It seems, according to my son, that my blog was in need of a makeover. He was not happy that except for seasonal header changes my blog appearance has remained the same for the past three years. I do not like change. Or perhaps I should say that I initially do not like change. Telling me that you do not like the appearance of my blog is not that different from telling me that one of my kids is ugly. You just don’t do that to a mother unless you want to receive the stink eye followed by a piece of her mind ending in the silent treatment for the rest of your life. Of course I’m not going to do that to my son over my blog. He just got to hear a lot of whining and complaining until he heard “Hey! that’s really nice. I’m good with that. Thanks. Thanks so much. Now you just have to be prepared to help me change the background as the seasons change.”

So kudos to Destroy whose name I may well change to the Computer Kid.

He also added an about me page. He said I should also add a page explainig everyone’s nickname. He’s right but I can only handle so much change in one day.

So hang in there reader(s) there’s more to come.