On Becoming Vintage

Once again I’ve been silent for a while.

It seems that I have a couple of things to write about and then I dry up and am left with nothing.  As I move through life and hopefully gain a little wisdom to go along with my age I’ve discovered that I much prefer to say nothing when I have nothing to say. I’m learning to become a better listener.

Life got really busy. School ending, the return of the Prodigal, camp preparations and then the Big Event. Well, it was the current Big Event in my life. A couple of weeks ago I hit the big 5-0. Yes, I now have half a century under my belt. I was really expecting to be hit by 50 more than to hit 50 myself. I’m ecstatic to report that this was not the case at all. It was more like being thrown off the dock into a cool lake only to discover that a cool lake is actually exactly where you want to be.

It started off a little shaky when the difference between turning 40 and turning 50 was made all too clear to me. When I turned 40 I decided that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life for that birthday. I spent the year training for a trialthalon (my husband and I were a team and he was going to do the biking). A week before the triathalon I sprained my ankle and could not participate. I was very disappointed but I had achieved my goal of getting into great shape. In September I decided once again to try and get into the best shape of my life.  Two weeks before my birthday I woke up one morning only to realize that I had completely forgotten about getting into shape. Oops. I should have written it down.

My eldest sister and her daughters changed things around for me by kicking off the celebration early by giving us a virtual evening in Paris with some of my favourite people on earth, my  female family members. My nieces, my daughter, both of my sisters as well as my mother were able to be there for me. It was a wonderful weekend and my sister as always was a gracious hostess. I think that she may know me almost better than anyone else does, she certainly remembers more about me and my childhood than anyone else on earth does. I consider myself blessed to have a good strong relationship with my nieces. My eldest niece and I have always been very close, she was after all my baby as well – at least in my mind. The knowlege of her thoughtfulness as to how to celebrate my birthday is very precious to me. It truly was a perfect evening.

My girlfriends at home made my actual birthday a celebration of friendship by surprising me with a wonderful walk on which we picked up friends along the way. After we relaxed I was then taken to lunch and surprised with the company of more girlfriends.

My husband was out of town for the weekend prior to and the day of my birthday. My children gifted me with good behaviour and a general show of concern for me on my big day. Once my husband returned we went out for dinner and he gave me a piece of jewellery that I have loved and wanted for a good 30 years – I am after all a jeweller’s daughter. It was the perfect surprise and a gift that I had never imagined that I would be given.

So, far from being depressed as I had expected I had a wonderful day full of love and friendship. As I got into bed at night and thought about being 50 the vision of coming across a vintage chair that is 50 years old and that could be sat upon without fear of it breaking came to me. I knew that my my reaction would be “cool chair”.  I’ve decided that I’m as good as any  chair (this is my new motto, as odd as it is) so I am cool with being 50. I should be cool to Hipsters too, after all don’t they love all things vintage?

I love and am loved by a caring family

I have a good group of friends.

I have been able to watch life unfold for 50 years and because of this I have gained a historical perspective.

I will not break if sat upon.

I am a very lucky woman.

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