I Loved Pi

I’ve never done a movie review before.

To be honest I just don’t go out to movies that often. Last weekend I saw Life of Pi with one of my sons. We were going out to see a movie as a family, it had been decided that we would see the new James Bond flick. I don’t love James Bond but I do love Daniel Craig. One of my twins decided that he really wanted to see Life of Pi. I really did not want to see it as in general I hate seeing books that I loved made into movies. The movie never seems to live up to the book. Will anyone ever be able to get Jane Eyre right? Anyway, more than not wanting to see the movie I didn’t want my one son sitting in one theatre alone while the rest of us were in another theatre. So I decided to go with him.

I could not have been more surprised. I think that this is one of the few movies that may be even better than the book. It was long enough that I didn’t feel like anything was left out or lost and the cinematography was absolutely stunning. When I heard that it was in 3-D I really thought that it was going to be Disneyesque. Nope. It was a feast for the eyes.

I don’t want to give anything away. Just go see it and let me know if you loved, liked or hated it. By the way, my 15 year old very not artsy but high-tech kid also loved the film.

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