He Can Still Surprise Me

I think that I’ve already talked about the influence of The Flintstones in my life. It’s not that I aspire to be like Wilma or Fred for that matter it’s just that they were an integral part of my childhood so that images and phrases from the show seem to be at the forefront of my brain ready to spring forth at a moment’s notice.

I was unable to sleep the other night – no big surprise – so I began to compose a post on my iPad. My iPad was acting up, it shut down the screen and then wouldn’t allow me to type, so I decided to go downstairs and use our desktop.

At 2:15 I heard my name being whisper yelled by my husband along with “Where are you?” I told him that I was in the study and that yes I was on the computer and then I said  “Why, do you want to use the computer?” Really? Like anyone other than me would need to be on the computer in the middle of the night? Ah yes, the clarity of 2a.m. thought. He responded with “No, I want to snuggle.” An offer too good to be refused I quickly closed up and got into bed. I then explained the iPad situation and said that I was completely wired and unable to sleep. My husband offered to sing me a lullaby, chuckling I told him to bring it on.

He began,  ” This little lamb is the littlest lamb…”

“Oh my God! Do you know who sang that song?”

“Yeah, it was Anne Margaret, I mean Margrock.”

“I can’t believe you remember that!!” At this point I was laughing hysterically a mixture of shock, amusement and punch drunk tired.

A Flintstones conversation ensued and then I contentedly fell asleep.

Very often our interests are divergent and we may not always get what the other  person is talking about (take for example our very one sided conversation the other day on the collapse of supersymmetry theory and the disappointing results of the Large Hadron Collider – all words that I never thought would find their way into my blog). However, I love that we can still relate to one another in the most surprising of ways.

Actually, I’m now kind of embarassed that it takes the Flintstones for us to connect and I’m left floundering when it comes to particle physics.

Whatever. I’m also a Popeye fan so I will quote, “I yam what I yam.”

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