As a parent I am very accustomed to facing uncertainty. I constantly question my actions; did the punishment fit the crime both in deed and in severity, am I being too harsh or too lenient, has the message gotten through, should I have forced them to continue with the lessons, am I forcing them to do something they don’t need to do? These are all doubts that I am accustomed to.

Today I am faced with a new uncertainty, one with the possibility of far more serious consequences. My eldest son is to leave for Israel on December 1st. We have been very excited for him, this program was to be a very exciting way for him to begin his gap year of travel. It is always my deepest wish when their is trouble in Israel that it will end quickly with a minimal amount of harm to all Israelis. Missiles aimed at Tel Aviv are unusual and to be frank this frightens me. There is talk of war. There is often talk of war but missiles are landing while there is talking. I think that I might not feel as worried if my son were already there it is the thought of what we will be sending him in to. He, as is the way of youth, has no fear for his safety. I have always said that I did not know what it was to worry until I became a mother. Right now I am very much a mother.

I know that you tend to feel safer when you are in Israel than when you are here reading the reports, but this year is about his independence his mommy can’t come with so that she’ll feel safer.
So, we’ll continue to watch the situation and, of course, we will pray for a quick and a peaceful end to the current situation in Israel.

May everyone in Israel be kept safe.


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