Do I Gotta Play?

As I mentioned in my last  post the math tutor came by yesterday. He left us with a little gift, a math game for the whole family to play. He was quite excited to have taught my kids this game and he stated with even more excitement that the game is even better when the whole family plays. Whole family math games, yay. Did I mention that I was able to sense the tutor’s excitement through his lack of a scowl? I once saw him almost smile. This is the same man who thinks that English class should consist of learning to read technical manuals because, after all isn’t that what most adults are faced with reading most often? I don’t smile so much when he’s around either.

So after dinner I bravely asked what the game was all about. I’m still not sure why I asked. In theory it’s a simple game. One person decides how to manipulate a number, for example multiply it by two and then add one (that’s the kind of thing I would do) every other person takes turns giving the manipulator a number which is then changed according to the secret formula. Once you think you’ve figured out what’s being done you can guess at the next answer.

The boys laughingly told us that the math tutor told them that his favourite student’s family plays this game for extra dessert. I announced that I would give extra dessert to everyone if we did not have to play the game at all.

I turned to my artsy son and suggested that he gives me a list of a movie cast and then I’ll guess the film. He responded with, “Sounds like a Sporcle quiz.” So we waited for the game to end. After about three rounds my husband got the game out of his system and we went back to being us.

I”ll do a momentary math lapse and I’ll try to encourage my family to read certain books but really I’m happiest when we can each of us just be ourselves. What better place to be that person than at the family dinner table?


2 responses to “Do I Gotta Play?

  1. That game sounds to me like a description of life in HELL! There is an infinite number of formulas for figuring out a number, and you have all of eternity to try to figure them all out. Just when you finally get one, along comes another! Oy…one math tutor’s fun is another person’s nightmare.

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