Out To Lunch

I always enjoy going out for lunch with any of my girlfriends however, I seem to be finding that I am spending far more time out to lunch than out for lunch.

I’m not sure if this has always been the case and I’ve just become aware of it (which I suppose is an encouraging thing) or as I always fear, maybe, just maybe this is the beginning of Alzheimers. There is also the possibility that I am dumb as mud, but let’s not go there.

I had an excuse for being slightly out of touch when the kids were little. I mean, four small children, who wouldn’t be forgetful with that going on? Yes I know all you type A’s out there would handle it so much better. Yay you.

The kids are older now, I don’t think they can really be used as an excuse anymore. Kind of like the excess pregnancy wieght. Unfortunately that boat too has sailed. So what is it now? Have I just gotten into a habit of forgetfulness and mildly space outedness?

Today being my case in point. My husband is out of town along with our eldest son. I am home with the three other kids. No biggee,(sp?). I lined up the math tutor to come on Sunday instead of Monday as the twins have a math test on Monday. I casually mentioned to one of the twins that the tutor is late, an unheard of event. My son responded with “It’s not 2:30, it’s only 1:30.”  I wittily replied, “What?” He answered, “We changed the clocks last night.”  Me, being witty as well as astute this time, “Whhhat?? Are you joking?.” He smiled at me shook his head and said “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.”

Really, how did I miss this? Usually everyone you speak to on the Saturday of the clock change in a clear attempt to demonstrate how on the ball they are says, “Don’t forget to change your clock tonight.” In a world where it seems that everyone is more on the ball than I am how come no one said that to me yesterday?

So now I’m out to lunch, shocked and annoyed. Why, you may or may not ask am I annoyed? I woke up a 6 this morning which with the time change means that I woke up at 5a.m. on a Sunday morning. That my friends is just a crying shame.

Personally, I blame my oldest sister. She has maintained her memory throughout all of her child rearing years and she’s uber organized. She spoke to me on Saturday and she knows that I’m a lost cause. Where was her reminder? Not to be overly dramatic or anything but, why has she forsaken me?

Last week when I was having a conversation with my eldest son and I was once again either missing the point he was making or just not getting what he was telling me he very lovingly said, “Don’t worry Mommy we’ll take care of you and get you into a good home.” More and more I hope he means what he said. A room with a view would be nice and an occassional box of chocolates, but not the cheap ones where the chocolate is grainy. Please, kids, don’t let me forget that I love chocolate and could you put me in a home where one of my friends is so that we can go for lunch together? That is if I remember my friends and if I’m not in the nursing home years before my friends are.

Crikey, I’m ending this post right now before I start crying. Where did I put the kleenex…?


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