My Deep Olympic Question

I love the Olympics. I really do. Inspite of my dislike of the I.O.C., the hypocrisy of the “lack” of politics involved, the bias of some judging, the lack of sportsmanlike behaviour by some of the winners and the general sense that winning is everything. I love the purity of many of  the sports involved and the sheer excitement of the race or the game. As a stereotypical Jewish Mother I prefer the Summer Olympics because the winter events strike me as just too dangerous. Skeleton, Aerial Ski, Slalom, Half Pipe are you  kidding me? The parents of these athletes are made of far tougher stuff than I am.

But the summer events I can watch without my heart racing.

Volleyball, crazy fast. How do they make some of those returns?

Synchronized diving, artistry.

Badminton, I don’t get how they don’t bang into or step on oneanother.

Swimming, well, any kind of race excites me.

I just have one very shallow question. Is there any event in which a female athlete can actually have breasts? Do they ruin aerodynamics? Wouldn’t they make the swimmers just a little more floaty? These women do not have the same body type as the marathoners. I don’t get it.

Sorry if you think I’ve sunk to a new low. Sometimes that’s just the way my mind works.

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