Rage Against the Age

When did the music of my youth switch over to the “oldies” music stations? Probably when that same music became “the music of my youth”.

Why does my kids’ music often sound loud to me even when they turn it down?

Why do their fashions sometimes make me want to laugh when I lived through punk rock, new wave, shoulder pads and big hair on men?

When did I start liking products with prunes in them? Prune juice, prune hamantashen, prune yougurt and prunes themselves are all sadly yummy to me.

I saw that Bran Bars have been created in a new cranberry and orange flavour and I got excited. Sheesh. By the way, they taste very fake.  Don’t bother. Why don’t they make a prune bran bar?

How come I cried when my eldest son started preschool and am now excited at the thought of him beginning university or doing a gap year next fall? Why doesn’t that make me feel old?

I hate feeling old and like I just don”t “get it”.

A week or two ago we had some really warm weather.  T-shirt, no jacket and no socks weather. That jetisoned me back to my youth. Remeber when you got to switch from leotards into knee socks. Wasn’t that a feeling of freedom?

What makes you feel young again?

My son just read this and laughed and told me that I’m old because I wore knee socks. Sighhhh.





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