A Few of My Favourite Parisian Things


12 responses to “A Few of My Favourite Parisian Things

  1. Okay, okay I get it. It really is fabulous. I love your pictures and seeing Paris through your lens. Maybe that’s what makes it fabulous!

  2. When my oldest boy saw the picture of Josephine’s jewelry box, he said “a shul!” I think he thought it was the ark for holding the Torah. Cute.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. It’s interesting to me that while Paris is so grey, it’s so beautiful. Beauty in greyness. I love the Musee d’Orsay too!

    What’s the story behind the locks on the bridge?

  3. Rivki, very cute. How could anyone not like that museum?

    The locks are called, locks of love. The keys are thrown in the Seine and they say that the love like the locks will remain secure. They are controversial as some consider them an eyesore and a risk to the structural integrity of the bridge.

    • Sorry to chime in so late! Love seeing Paris through your eyes. I loved the city too. The history, the buildings, the food and of course the fashion. I knew you would love it!

  4. Love to read about your travels. Loved the d’Orsay also and how history permeates everything. All so beautiful…thanks for the pics

    • Chatterbox, we really do live in a very young country with a boring history. However I think that never having had a reign of terror must be a good thing.
      Thanks for the comment.

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