Weather Vain

When we were in Toronto over the holidays we took some time to try and find my husband a new winter jacket.

I could not help but notice the return of the puffy coat. For a while the layered look was in. All of our jackets were made up of multiple layers that could be removed or added as the weather dictated. When the layers are removed you have a jacket that is kind of baggy and when the layers are all zipped in you have a jacket that is kind of bulky while being very heavy and cumbersome.

The puffy coat definitely makes you look puffy but it’s an intentional puffy. The down also makes the jackets light as well as very warm. My husband does not like the puffiness. Personally I couldn’t care less. When it’s -35 all I want is warmth. Warmth that isn’t so heavy that I can barely move. Do you know what -35 feels like? It’s a cold that causes a headache just from breathing. You step outside and your nose immediately feels stuffed because those teeny tiny little hairs in your nose that you normally aren’t even aware of immediately get covered with frost and freeze. It’s so cold that the snow even sounds different than normal, it seems to squeak in protest.

Really, when it’s that cold out it doesn’t matter if we all look like Michelin men warmth is all that matters.

Boots, however are another story.


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