Black Humour, Black Ice

Well we went to the big city for a couple of days.
As always we ran around like crazy.

We went to visit my parents. It’s a funny thing, going home once home is no longer home. I remember getting used to that odd feeling when I first moved out and made my new home with my husband. Over the years it has changed from a feeling of no longer belonging to doubt that I had ever belonged there.

I could write many posts about my parents and they would be funny, very funny. Funny in a black humour kind of way. But the more I think about it the more I’m sure that black humour in this particular instance is quite similar to black ice. It’s just so much more dangerous and if I go there I just might end up with my head wrapped around a tree.

There actually was a lot of black ice on the road home, it seemed symbolic. Thankfully we made it back safe and sound without incident.

A Happy New Year to everyone out there. I think 2012 has a lovely sound to it.


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