Thoughts Running Amok

I took 24 hours for myself and took a little trip to the big city to visit my sister and her family before they head off for a little holiday. It was a great 24 hours.

I loaded the CD player with new disks and sang my heart out without fear of anyone mocking my voice or noticing if I got the words wrong. I played American Pie three times in a row and You Can Call Me Al five times. James Taylor and I Showered The People That I Love With Love and Sting and I Laid In A Field of Barley all at a volume of 40 – it doesn’t get any louder than that.

In between I thought about stuff. A stream of semi-consciousness.

I thought up some things I’d like to blog about, but couldn’t write them down so they’re history.

I wondered why on the drive there I was so tired when I had gotten a whopping eight hours of sleep and why on the way home I was wide awake with only four hours of sleep.

I had so much fun just being with my sister and not having to be MOM for an evening that I decided that even though, according to my parents, there is no greater sin than selfishness, doing something strictly for myself can’t be all bad. Hubby said I should do it more often and I think I just might.

I thought about Paris. I don’t remember ever feeling this excited about a trip, ever. This isn’t to say that I’ve never been this excited before, I just don’t remember it . šŸ˜‰

I thought some more about the blogging/narcissism issue and I came to a conclusion which many of you (not that I’m read by ‘many’) will probably consider quite narcissistic but I’m willing to risk it. Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past is without doubt considered a great work of literature, yet it can also be viewed as somewhat self-involved. I sincerely hope that I haven’t offended anyone in France and I am in no way comparing myself to Proust I’m merely saying that there is a great literary history of self-involvement. So, is blogging any worse? I’m also constantly on the watch for signs of Alzheimer’s in myself. Blogging aids me in this. I seem to have become so forgetful over the years that I’m just waiting for the day that I forget how to manipulate the keyboard. So far so good.

Not sure where this one came from – but I thought about gravity. I wondered how the heck has gravity managed to get so up close and personal with my body if I have always made sure to wear very supportive bras and the only time I don’t have one on I’m horizontal? I take that one a little personally. TMI?

I wondered if you were to name your child Higgs or Boson would he achieve great things or just have a huge ego?

I’m sure I had other thoughts but luckily for you I can’t remember them. That’s normal, right?

I returned home refreshed, ready to tackle my crazy week made even crazier by my absence and very happy to once again be MOM.


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