Sorry Cookie

I thought I’d do something nice for my kids today. I was short of time and I had some cookie mix in my pantry so I decided to bake almost scratch cookies for the kids’ after school snack.

As I was mixing the cookies I noticed a strong smell. I immediately checked for an expiration date on the box as I’ve had the mix for a while (years?). There was no date. The mix had cocoanut in it which is an ingredient I don’t usually use. I thought that maybe that could just be giving off the strong sort of soapy smell.

A girlfriend came by for coffee while the cookies were baking. I mentioned the smell to her. She also checked for an expiry date. Then she made the sacrifice of tasting a cookie warm from the oven. SHE said they tasted FINE. I wrapped up four cookies for my two kids I’d be taking to piano lessons so they could have a snack on the way.

I got my daughter first. As she ate one cookie she said that she didn’t like the after taste and that “it’s something funny in my throat”. I told her not to bother with the other cookie and tasted a piece. Yep, the cocoanut was very strong tasting. We decided to let her brother decide for himself.

My son took one bite and exclaimed, “Oh my G-d what is with these cookies? They taste like vomit!”
My daughter chimed in with, “Yeah! That’s what that thing in my throat is!”
I apologized to him and explained the situation. He was aghast that we didn’t warn him. I asked him to text his brothers and our houseguest and warn them away from the cookies. My eldest and his friend were working late at school and would not encounter the cookies.

As we were sitting in his sister’s piano lesson he received a text from his twin brother. laughing he handed me the phone to read this message, “Did Mommy vomit in the cookies?”

Oh My Gosh. I’m so sorry kids. From now on it’s scratch from fresh ingredients only, no mixes. I promise.


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