Aww, Come On

This morning I was on the ball. I took the fish out of my freezer early enough so that it would be unthawed in time for me to cook it for dinner tonight.

One of my twins saw the package sitting on the counter and asked what was for dinner. Granted I could have just said salmon, but I was in the middle of preparing six lunches, the package was labelled and I knew that he would ask me this same questions at least two more times before dinner. So I said something that I thought might stick in his mind, “Either salmon or a severed arm.”

He then proceeded to unwrap my frozen fish. I snapped at him and asked him what he was doing. He responded with “Just checking.”
I replied, “Come on, I said a severed arm.”
He answered, “You’ve been acting weird lately.”

Geeze, try to poison your kids just once and they never forget it.


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