Kiss and Makeup

I have noticed that as I am aging my views on many things are changing. From religion to politics I am not the same woman that I was in my twenties or even in my thirties. I have even changed certain views on personal grooming.

I have always been a clean person, please don’t misunderstand that, but my beauty regimen consisted of showering, shaving (no earth mother look for me even though I am partial to comfortable shoes), deodorant and a spritz of perfume. Now there are moisturizers, hair dyes, pedicures, manicures, hair products and great amounts of makeup needed to keep me from looking like your a average woman in need of a homeless shelter.

I let the hair colour go a few years ago and my husband gently told me that gray hair just makes some women look much older than they are. ‘Nuff said, don’t need to tell me twice. When my feet began sounding like high heels on the floors the every-other-month pedicures began. What is that all about? I’m as flat footed as I’ve ever been, why the calluses at this stage of the game? Too much personal information right now?

The makeup thing is the newest addition. I’ve always worn makeup off and on, mostly off. It is only now that I recognize the need for it. I look at my beautiful nieces in their twenties and I am in awe of their glowing skin. Their luminescence would allow them to act as a beacon on the darkest of nights. They don’t need makeup, they are stunning in their youth. I have realized from standing in line at too many grocery stores trying not to look at those cheap pseudo newspapers that if movie stars can look that bad without makeup on how can regular old Jane Blow, me, expect to look good au natural? With a summer tan,maybe, otherwise fuh-ged-aboud-it! So I have learned to put on foundation, contour, blush, eye lid colour, mascara and lipstick in about 5 minutes all for that natural, healthy look.

50 may be the new 40, but honestly, when it comes to skin 40’s not so great.

For all of you out there who are now thinking of me as vain and shallow, yeah I get the whole age/wisdom thing and that you’re only as old as you feel but I figure that you don’t really know how I feel. Most of you only see how I look. If men have laugh lines and women have crows feet don’t give me a hard time about a little makeup. Did you know that a group of crows is called a ‘murder’ of crows. So, to all you gentlemen out there who don’t see our inner beauty and the wisdom that we have gained from living, look out.

We may have a murder of tiny lines around our eyes but let’s laugh with the men as we put on our creams and makeup. After all is said and done we are all aging and there is even less that our husbands can do about their balding and/ or gray hair.


4 responses to “Kiss and Makeup

  1. I totally get it. I ask myself in the morning “am I going anywhere today, and can I get away with sun glasses?” If I am, and I can’t, then full face make-up is a must. Sad reality…but no plastic surgery, yet.

    • Big, It stuns me that plastic surgery is not as horrifying a prospect as it once was. Although, I still don’t think I’d ever do it I don’t mentally roll my eyes at those who do. Can you imagine ending up with those surprised looking eyebrows for the rest of your life?

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