Thanks For The Mammories

Tomorrow is another fun filled day. I get to take a break from the dentist and the periodontist to go have a mammogram. Yeah.

Honestly I think I prefer this to dental work but that doesn’t mean I like it. It begins with the atmosphere. A little candlelight would be appreciated. Then there are the”funny” cartoons all over the wall. You know those cartoons. The ones that compare post mammogram breasts and pancakes or that point out that men would never get tested in this manner for testicular cancer. This to me is about as funny as the Three Stooges.

The funniest part of it to me is when the technician asks me not to move and to hold my breath. I don’t need to be told to hold my breath, I need to be reminded to breathe.

I will do this without complaining because maybe, just maybe it will one day save my
life although I do wonder if the test itself is not doing some kind of lasting cellular damage to my breast.

While I continue to be poked, prodded and squished by various medical professionals in the name of good health and a long life I’ll also continue to hope for the discovery of chocolate as some sort of diagnostic tool.


2 responses to “Thanks For The Mammories

  1. Yes, it hurts, but I always think of how lucky we are to have a test available to us that could be life saving. I feel the same way about colonoscopies, and that’s a whole other story!
    I fished my wish, when I was squished. Nothing to see, no cancer for me!

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