Naked In The Parking Lot

As you know I haven’t been blogging much of late. It’s a funny thing, blogging. I do it anonymously with the full knowledge that people I know are reading this. I really try very hard not to write anything that I wouldn’t say out loud in front of my family (most of them anyway) or in front of friends and neighbours.

Sometimes I wonder if iI need a stronger verbal filter. My husband would agree with this thought, he’s all filter.

The other day I saw that there is a book for sale on Amazon that has a title referring to the fact that Blogging is a narcissistic act. That bothers me. I mean really, who wants to think of themselves as a narcissist? I prefer to think of other people that way and as myself as a curmudgeon with hermitic (is that even a word?) tendencies – it’s a family thing.

Today as I was in the parking lot making my way to the grocery store (AGAIN!) I was stopped by a very nice woman that I have not seen in quite a while. I have already told you that the grocery store is the epicenter of my social life haven’t I? She confessed to me that she’s been reading my blog lately but not commenting. I’m not surprised that she’s not commenting, really only my sisters and a kind-hearted woman in France comment with any regularity. Thanks you three. Back on track here, I was slightly flummoxed to think of her reading me. I began to feel as though I was actually living out that classic nightmare where you discover yourself to be out in public, naked. She was looking me in the eye and there was a smile on her face, not a look of horror so I knew that I was fully clothed, yet I could not help blushing.

I began to write as a mental exercise. For myself. Then I started to hope that I would get read, enjoyed, possibly appreciated and maybe, just maybe anticipated. I don’t live in a very anonymous city. It’s hard not to be a little known when you have a husband in a somewhat public position at work, four children and there are no other people in the city with your last name. Yes, if you know one of them, then you know me. As much as a blog is for public consumption it is also very personal. What an odd dichotomy.

So I guess that this comes down to a little request. If you’re going to be kind enough to read my writing, could I ask you to go one step further and stop by the comment section just to say “Hi, I’m here.”? I think that, that might help me to feel as though I’ve at least managed to put on my big comfy robe.


12 responses to “Naked In The Parking Lot

  1. I’m here too, though you don’t know me. I never comment (your email-address-requirement is intimidating, and I’m using a throwaway account for this comment) but I like reading your blog. Your descriptions are so vivid and alive, and I enjoy the thoughtfulness in a lot of your posts.
    (Also, I grew up in Canada, and it’s kind of fun to hear “Canadian” things from here across the world. Your falling-snow background is also quite fun.)

    I don’t know if this really fits the point of your asking; after all, if a random reader in Jerusalem didn’t speak up here, would you know?
    But hi! I’m here.

    • Ad, you just made my day! Thanks and welcome. I just want to assure you that the email address requirement belongs to WordPress, not me. There is nothing intimidating about me. I was very excited to see that the falling snow was back it automatically reappeared – I’m not sure of what I did to get it last year but I’m glad that you also like it. I’ve actually been in Jerusalem when it snowed – boy that was cold.

      I hope that you’ll keep coming back and that I’ll manage to keep writing ‘thoughtful’ posts.

  2. Yikes, I’ve been called out. Didn’t mean to lurk but really enjoy your insights and take on daily goings on.. Will say Hi when I visit from now on. And I promise that you looked completely clothed in that parking lot..

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