I Don’t Wanna

Long time no post.

Nothing to say.

Nothing witty.

Nothing half-witty.

Nothing nitwitty.

My son’s friend moved in with us. Busier than ever.

Trying to provide stability in someone else’s life and not positive I’m providing it for my own children.

Eldest has 11 cavities and I am getting crown put in. Living at dentist, periodontist and grocery store.

Overwhelmed by mundaneness of life. In a bit of a slump. Too many friends and family dealing with the downward dip that occurs in the roller coaster ride we call life. Never have enjoyed roller coasters. More a laugh in the dark kind of a girl.

Second snow day in a row. Yesterday’s was unnecessary. You know you’re a stay at home mom of teenagers when snow days just mean dirty dishes and a big mess in the house.

Will snap out of this funk soon and will be happy and cheerful tomorrow. Yes, I’ll think about it tomorrow. Am going to make new dress out of my curtains right now. Shoot, I don’t sew and I don’t really like my curtains enough to wear them.

Would love to read a wonderfully well written uplifting book. Any recommendations? Diane Ackerman need not apply.

Was told yesterday that my “strong psychic abilities” are a gift. Does anyone know to which department I can return them? Not happy that I’ve been told about these “abilities”. Just plain creepy. I worry about enough real stuff, don’t make me consider the supernatural as well.

I will be hanging out with the cowardly lion until I have something to write about.


6 responses to “I Don’t Wanna

  1. Well Miss Scarlet, whoever told you about your psychic abilities, clearly has none of their own! Life can certainly provide moments of funk, but wait a bit and there will be funky moments. Take me to funkytown! In funkytown the sun doesn’t set at 4:30 in the afternoon.

    • Ilanadavita, You may be waiting a long time. The best you can hope for from me is a word or two of wise-assedness, wisdom is unlikely.
      However, I do thank you for thinking that I one day might be capable of some wisdom.

  2. Hey, don’t slam Diane. Buck up baby, the sun will come out in the morning, you can bet your bottom dollar that in the morning there will be sun!

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