Spelling Counts

Do you remember being in grammar school about to write a test and hearing the teacher announce; “Spelling counts on this test.”?

As I get older and I am writing far less than I did I find that I am becoming more unsure of the spelling of some words. Thank goodness for spell check.

Although many rules of written grammar have become fuzzy for me I still believe in good grammar and in good spelling. There are obvious cases where spelling can change the meaning of what you are trying to say. “I love my aunt” is a sweet statement. “I love my ant” is kind of weird.

Yesterday I was helping my daughter work on a biography for her grade six class. She had decided to write about Golda Meir. She was gathering information from the computer, I was helping her to weed out what was essential and to put it in her own words. I read over what she had written. I noticed that she wrote Palestine as ‘Palestein’. I laughed and told her that she turned the country into a jewish last name.

It’s sort of been on my mind since then. If only it had been spelled as Palestein. Then there could not have been any doubt as to whose land it was/is. This would have clearly been a jewish homeland just as clearly as Goldstein’s Deli* could only be a jewish deli and Greenstein’s Hardware* must be jewish owned.

If only the issue were that easy, but it’s a nice thought.

*both Goldstein’s and Greenstein’s are ficticious, but are you going to argue?

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