I Just Wanna Be Bad

I come from a family of good girls.
My sisters are very good girls.
I’m the baddest of the three of us and all my life I’ve been a good girl.
I’m tired of good. I want to be bad.
I don’t know how to be bad at this stage of the game. Bad is scary. Bad can hurt people. Bad can scar your kids and destroy your relationship with your husband.
How can I be a little bit bad? The kind of bad that won’t damage anyone?

Forget alcohol. One sip and I’m tipsy, warm and feeling a little nauseated. My sister says that I’m part native, a member of the Shmohawk tribe. My sister cracks me up. By the way, I apologize if that is unPC. I want to be bad, not offensive.

I’ve thought of a tattoo. Ouch and I’m not really much of a fan. For years I said that I wanted a little skull tattooed on my rear because I’m a little bit “bad ass”. This makes my kids roll their eyes and blush in disgust at the same time. But really I’m not kidding anyone, no stranger is ever going to see my naked rear even for the sake of “art”.

When I turned 30 I wanted to pierce my nose. Whoa, was my husband not in favour of that. It seems that husbands have opinions. Who knew?

I was invited to a girls night out tonight. This is not being “bad” but I did just go out to a movie with a girlfriend on Sunday and I’m going out tomorrow night with my husband. It feels like too much time away from the kids.

Maybe I won’t cook dinner tomorrow night, we’ll just pick something up. But, I have this beautiful new kitchen and I didn’t cook Saturday night (yeah I know it was Saturday after all) and it’s a week night – I almost never order out during the week.

I think I won’t make my bed today. But then again I really hate getting into an unmade bed.

See my problem with being bad?

Suggestions anyone?


2 responses to “I Just Wanna Be Bad

  1. Sometimes just thinking of bad things can suffice. But then again, “bad” may simply be subjective. What’s bad for you may be really good for someone else. I think you should relax and just “be”.

    • Big, when you are the oldest just “being” is good enough but when you are the youngest and you need to be BAD you really do need to be BAD. You just gotta. But, you can always wait until the feeling passes.

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