Do You Hear What I Hear?

I am always amazed how fall morphs from the most beautiful of seasons into the scariest of seasons. Fall really is my favourite season. I look forward to the smell of it almost as much as the sight of it. Fall leaves have a wonderfully unique smell and people are starting to make fires in their fireplaces. I love it when you step outside on a crisp fall day and the aromas of fallen leaves and a fire tickle your nostrils.

Then the winds move in and the beautifully coloured leaves disappear. I’m not talking about breezes here, these are window shaking winds. The rains begin, the wind picks up and fall suddenly has a more ominous feel to it. I think there was an opening sequence to the first Halloween movie where Jamie Lee Curtis was walking home from school on such a day. The background music to that movie plays in mind throughout mid October until we get snow. This is why I don’t like scary movies, at the ripe old age of 48 I remain way too impressionable.

Something else that the wind does is that it blows tree branches against bedroom windows. It triggers that little voice that says; Oh yeah I remember this, another fall thing. I have a very poor memory and can never remember scratching tree branches until after they’ve initially spooked me.

This fall we have something new at my house. I do believe that something is either trying to scratch it’s way into my home or is busy storing nuts in the mortar around our windows. I was having trouble falling asleep (for a change) some time last week when I first heard it. Picture a dark silent house with 4 children and one brave husband soundly sleeping. Add to the picture one woman lying there trying to sleep, trying to turn off her mind. Then it begins, scritch, scritch scritch around the window frame on my side of the bed. the hairs on the back of my neck are now more awake than the rest of me. Scritch, scritch scritch. Something wants in to my home. Scritch, scritch, scritch it will not stop. I shake my husband, do you hear that? He responds with a groggy, no. I shake harder, do you hear it now? He responds, ‘…yeah, why don’t you go outside and check?’ I respond, ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’

What is the point to a husband if he doesn’t check out the scary stuff? I don’t wear dresses with zippers in the back. I married him for picture hanging, garbage day, snow shoveling and scary stuff checking.

The scary scritching stopped for a couple of nights and then it began again in a different part of our room. The window near my husband’s side of the bed : )
This time he went outside to check. Well, really he just kind of opened the front door and peeked out. He didn’t spot anything. It was dark out and the scritching was happening somewhere overhead. Is it possible that there’s something in our attic or even worse, in the walls?

I spoke to our contractor, he feels that our house is sealed pretty tightly, but you never know. I guess I need to call a pest control company. Then it stopped again.

Until, last night or I should say early this morning. I was in my daughters room. She had had a nightmare, something was trying to get into her room. I lay down with her and fell asleep. I was awoken by a sound, a scritching sound near her window. No wonder she’s having bad dreams. I got up and walked over to the window and listened very carefully. The sound is not coming from above…the attic. It sounds like it’s just below the window. It sounds like it’s on the exterior of my home.

This evening a friend suggested that it could be squirrels trying to store nuts for the winter. That’s the explanation I’m going with until the pest control company tells me differently.

If you have a scary movie you want to watch, go call someone else I’m not available. I don’t do well with scary.

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