What’s Cookin’

I’ve decided that I want to focus a little more on creating heart healthy meals for my family this year. I just need to take the time to find the recipes. I have a couple of cook books from the Heart and Stroke Foundation that are quite promising.

Today was another fun day filled with workmen and repairmen in my home. The refrigerator repairman smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke that he gave me a headache. At one point he put his pack of cigarettes on my non-existent kitchen counter to do some work. A while later he began to cough which reminded him to put the pack back in his pocket. I’m not sure if it was Freudian. It was pretty hard not to say something. It was also hard not to tell him to pull up his pants and to get a belt. Like a car accident it was horrifying and hard to look away at the same time.

Anyway I ended up pressed for time and was forced to use a store bought sauce. I bought the one with the lowest sodium content I could find. You know, low sodium soy sauce is not really so low sodium.

At home preparing dinner I tried to hide the inevitable.

Eldest son: What’s for dinner?

Me: A stir fry.

Him: Chicken?

Me: No, better.

Him: Beef?

Me (enthusiastically): No, better.

Him: Lamb?

Me: No.

Him: I give, what?

Me (big encouraging smile): Tofu!

Him: G-d, Mom!

This was followed by three younger voices all lamenting the dreaded T word.

At dinner it was decided that tofu has no flavour, has a horrible flavour, has a horrible consistency and was not enjoyed by anyone under the age of 48. The kids must have been very hungry because every morsel managed to get eaten. Either that or they just didn’t want to see it in their thermoses for lunch tomorrow!

On the bright side my husband told me dinner was delicious and I’m welcome to make it any time I want. Sorry kids.

2 responses to “What’s Cookin’

  1. I have mixed feelings about tofu. Sometimes I really like what I make with it, other times I find it bland and resent the texture.
    What else did you put in the stir-fry?

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