Morning Madness

Conversation between oldest son and me this morning:

Him: Where’s my lunch?

Me: It’s on the counter, I just don’t have your bag to put it in.

Him: Remember? I left it at school.

Me: Then take a plastic bag and use that today.

Him: O.K. What’s the spoon for?

Me: The kiwi.

Him: What kiwi?

Me: I cut up a kiwi for everyone and put it in a baggie.

Him: No kiwi here.

Me: Shoot, there were only five. I wonder who got two? Did you get the cucumber?

Him: Yep. Bye, mom.

I hate making lunches. Even when I think they’ve gone smoothly they may not have.


4 responses to “Morning Madness

    • Most kids eat packed lunches. Once they get to middle school you can buy lunch but it tends to be unhealthy and expensive. I would also imagine that private schools have lunch programs that would be healthier.

      • French parents are lucky then; there are strict guidelines as to what should be on a child’s school menu and the price is not horrendous. In Sweden, school meals are free and in the school we visit they are healthy.

      • I agree with you that French parents are lucky. Lunches used to be my most hated task until I decided to make my dinners large enough to send the kids the leftovers in a thermos the next day. Now that is what I try to do on most days, it has made things much easier for me and they tend not to complain about it. Free meals seem too good to believe. It seems that we have enough trouble fulfilling the need for the basic educational supplies.

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