There’s a What in My Where?

You know, I consider myself a pretty lucky person. I really don’t have much to complain about. I love my life and I love my family. For the most part I even had a happy childhood. Things are not perfect but they’re pretty darn good.

Yet it seems that every now and then something happens that makes me think “This could only have happened to me!” I’ve already written about a few of those things, like taking out my rear car window, getting all my Passover groceries stolen, the car accident on another Passover buying trip etc. I have not had a chance to write about the latest ‘it could only happen to me’ event. This is truly a flukey kind of thing.

On Friday as I was putting on my shoes to go pick up my daughter from school I felt something really sharp go through one of my toes. My first thought was that somehow one of the workmen doing our home renovations dropped a nail in my shoe. My next thought was, how lucky for me that I just got my tetnus vaccine on Wednesday. I pulled my foot out of my shoe expecting to have to pull a nail from my toe except there was no nail. I then saw a hornet fly out of my shoe. What the, what the! Wow do hornet stings ever hurt!

I picked up my daughter and the secretary from her school gave me ice for my foot – no ice at the house, no fridge just workmen. We then drove to Toronto and you know my foot still kind of hurt. The next day we had a Bar Mitzvah to attend. My foot was kind of swollen and itchy. Heels and panty hose did not feel so great. Have I ever mentioned that I’m sure that pantyhose must have been invented by a man. What woman would come up with those things? I feel the same about high heels. The only thing that distracted me from my itchy, stinging and swollen foot was the novelty of being in a Reconstructionist service and the excellent job done by the Bar Mitzvah boy.

Sunday, forty eight hours after the stinging incident my foot is still swollen, the stung toe looks like it belongs to someone else’s foot and I now have a rash as well. The shoes that I brought with for the weekend don’t fit me now (well, one of them doesn’t fit). Add to that the fact that I have zonked out on Benadryl my kids think that my foot looks weird and they are freaked out that I’m having trouble staying awake – even more so than usual.

Well it’s now 72 hours later and I’m still swollen and maddeningly itchy. I’m managing to stay sane by submerging my foot in cold water whenever I can. Wasn’t that a treatment for the ‘insane’ in the old days?

How long does a hornet sting last?

Do you have any unusual sting stories to share with us?

There’s also the one about the bumble bee that flew up my husband’s bathing suit. He swore that they don’t sting – he did a project on bumble bees in grade six – and then it stung him! Maybe this is pay-back for laughing about the bumble bee.


4 responses to “There’s a What in My Where?

  1. So sorry you’re still in pain/itch/swelling. As for the bumble bee, they don’t sting, so it was probably a wasp in a bumble bee costume. Wasps live to sting again and again. How nice is that??

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