Satelite Thoughts

On one of my many drives to Toronto this summer I was listening to the satelite radio in my husband’s car. Satelite radio is a real treat for us. The three hour drive is filled with pockets of space in which the regular radio cuts out due to the rock formations not to mention that very few channels are available. So with the mix of oldies stations available to me on satelite radio I am a very happy woman. It really helps the drive pass quickly. Shall I mention that I find it amusing and mildly offensive as well that the music that I listened to in my teen years is now considered “oldies”? What would they call Frank Sinatra?

Where else but on a satelite station could you hear George Harrison (Beatlesless) and the Monkees? When I was little I loved the Monkees. I used to eat Puffa Puffa Rice cereal just because it had their pictures on the box. I got to eat my cereal dreaming about Mike and Mickey and thus mentally prepare myself for a day of chasing the boys around the kindergarten playground trying to get a kiss.

The song Dust in the Wind by Kansas came on the radio and I thought what a perfect song to get me in the mood for Rosh Hashanah. Then Rod Stewart’s song Tonight’s the Night came on and I changed the station to another “oldies” station. I never got the Rod Stewart thing. His voice sounds like gravel and he’s androgynous looking. But, that’s just my opinion.

I decided that all Chicago songs sound alike and they must be the easiest group to arrange a medley for.

Cat Stevens got some airtime with Moonshadow. You know, If I ever lose my legs, lose my arms lose my eyes and I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if you lost your mind Cat? Cat Stevens, what a loss to the world of music. I hope he’s happy and peaceful – remember the Peace Train Cat.

It amazes me how a song can transport me back in time and before I know it I’m feeling everything that I felt when I was a teen.
Except, now it just makes me smile, even the angst.

What do you enjoy listening to?


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