So Many Kinds of Crazy

As we were driving to Toronto to take our kids to the airport for summer camp a song came on the radio by one of my husband’s favourite musicians. I remembered that the singer had been killed while on tour but I couldn’t remember if it had been a car accident or a plane crash. This then started us on a conversation of all of the musicians who have suffered untimely deaths while touring.

We quickly heard a deep voice from the row directly behind us, “Are you guys crazy?” The meaning behind our eldest son’s words immediately hit me full force. I looked at my husband in horror and guilt just as we heard the youngest voice from the very back of the van query, “What plane crashes? What plane crashes are you talking about?” There is a very fine line between crazy and just plain stupid. We seemed to have straddled that line. Our youngest is afraid to fly. We have banned from our home all t.v. shows detailing plane crashes, the mechanics of crashes, terrorism on planes and anything remotely related to unpleasant flight experiences. Our news reports are carefully monitored for stories of crashes. No matter how brave the pilot may have been he will not get his due in our house as the accident just won’t be discussed. So there we sat glibly discussing multiple crashes as our daughter was about to bravely board a plane and fly without parental accompaniement. She hates doing it, but she does it every summer because she loves her camp that much.

So yes, we were crazy stupid but on further inspection we are also crazy lucky to have children who try to look out for and protect one another.

That just makes me crazy grateful.

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