Sound Carries

Sound carries across the lake.

At the moment we have neighbours at the cottage. There is a little island right across from our cottage. That’s the island on the left of the photo. Usually no one is there but on occasion people come out to it. Right now they’re there and we can hear everything.
Conversations on the beach, the ring of a telephone, footsteps on the dock and foul language. We hear it all.
Last night we were talking in bed and we couldn’t help but hear the conversation coming from the island. My husband wondered, “Do you think they can hear us talking now?” Forget the Government, Big Brother, cell phones and all other media induced paranoia causing forms of loss of privacy. Sound carries across the lake. We hear you and you probably hear us. Has my language been salty? When I watch True Blood and there are all kinds of raunchy sounds coming from my T.V. do you know that it’s the T.V. and not us? Gosh I hope so. I really hope you’re not listening.

Fishermen out in your boats, if I can hear you the fish probably can too. Shhh.

Can you hear the silence?

5 responses to “Sound Carries

  1. That feeling of “did anyone hear me” is such a sobering one! We just moved into an apartment building with 5 other families, and I can hear people in the hallway. When I am speaking more loudly than I perhaps should, I feel a twinge of “uh-oh, are the neighbors listening to this?”

    I guess I should always feel that way, you know? Keeping myself in line. But it’s easy to forget.

    The lake in the picture is beautiful.

    • Rivki, we are in the process of putting airconditioning in our house. Every spring when we open the windows wide I’m very aware of how we are exposing ourselves to the neighbours. Being human is hard.

      I hope that your move went well and that you have managed to find everything that you need.

      I adore my lake, any slights against it will earn my undying disapproval.

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