The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year

This past Sunday was my very favourite day of the year. It was Visitors’ Day at my children’s camp. So we drove 340km then hopped on a plane and flew about 1500km and then drove another 150km or so all so that we could sped 6 hours with our kids. And you know what? It was worth every second spent travelling.

The day begins with anxious and excited parents waiting outside of the camp raring to be let in. There’s a tradition called “The Mommy Run”. All of the crazed mothers gravitate to the front of the pack so that they can take off and fly into the camp to hunt down their children and tackle them in an overwhelming display of love and exuberance. My children have gotten older and would probably find such behaviour on my part to be fairly humiliating. Not to mention that I myself have become older and wiser and I now know that they’re just fine and that I would probably only increase my hugging time by a couple of minutes. Those Mommy Run days are so done for me. My sister-in-law and I were waiting together and laughing about the Mommy Run. Not us, we’re too cool. Then I heard it. The nearest cabin of children began a slow and steady chant of “Mom-ee Run, Mom-ee Run”. I looked at my sister-in-law in mild horror and confessed that my feet were beginning to itch. I could feel the need to run. She reminded me, ‘self-control’ and immediately spotted her children. MY kids were waiting at their cabins, the furthest ones from the entrance. So I began my Mommy Speedwalk – trying very hard not to elbow any helpless parent, staff or camper who was in my way. Then I spotted the 3 of them standing together. Three wonderful smiling faces as happy to see me as I was to see them. I stopped altogether, threw my arms open and the 3 of them ran to me! My kind of Mommy Run.

We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. We just spent 6 hours hanging out together and picnicking and I can’t think of anything that I’ve done at any point this year that was better than that. Their brother called from Israel so that he could speak to his siblings. My day was complete.

Two more weeks and they’re all home. I can’t wait.

To any of you who wish to remind me that after one day I’ll be ready to send them back I beg you, let me live in my dream world for now.

2 responses to “The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year

    • Ilanadavita, my kids are on the East Coast in Nova Scotia. If you’ve never been to Canada it’s hard to get a sense of just what a big country it is and how great the distances are.

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