Come Back

No, I don’t want my kids to come back from camp already. They’re having too much fun and I’m not that selfish.
The camp posted their first video of the season on their website. This was the music in the background, although not this version, and I just loved it.
I thought that the group was from the East Coast because of the very Irish sounding fiddling. What a surprise when I rooted around a little on the web to discover that this is an Israeli band. I should have known that the camp would go to Israel first for its music.
If anyone has travelled out east, Cape Bretton in particular, you know that it feels like a completely different country. With roadsigns in Gaellic and the Celtic influence everywhere it’s easy to forget that your’re still in Canada.

Well I know that my kids are having a great time and now that our move is over I may also manage to have a bit of a great time without them. I always hate to rush time as it already feels that it moves too quickly but I am looking forward to visitors’ day and then to my kids coming back to me.

Hope you all enjoy the video and are enjoying your summer.

Does this song make anyone else’s heart yearn to be in Israel?

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