Almost There

So this is what’s been happening;

My eldest has written and finished all of his exams and is now hanging out until he goes off to Israel for a month long program with Young Judaea.

The twins have had their grade 8 graduation and are now in the big city on a year end class trip. They are ready for school to end and camp to begin.

My youngest is suffering through the last days of school and counting down the days until camp.

I have managed to get the luggage off and will now focus on preparing the artiste for Israel.

We have decided to do all of the packing ourselves so that we can edit as we go along. This will not be the overwheliming task that I thought it would be as without the kids around I can focus on this one thing.
After moving day I have to drive to Toronto to spend the evening with my son and then take him to the airport the next day. I should be exhausted but it’s just the way it worked out.

A few days later my wonderful niece will be coming up to spend some time with us. I can’t wait. I’m planning for lazy days on the dock, swimming and kayaking if she’s game.

It’s going to be that kind of a summer. Swimming, running, kayaking and we’re taking our bikes out to the cottage so we can bike as well. It has been so many years since I’ve been on my bike I hope I still remember how to balance.

It’s now been just over one year since I started my Blog as a birthday present to myself. I’ve very much enjoyed the creative process of it. It’s so rare that I formally write anything any more. There are times that it has left me feeling quite narcisstic. There have been other times that it has left me feeling quite empty, nothing to say and not all that interesting. All in all I’m still enjoying it so I shall continue. We don’t have internet at the cottage and with the house under renovations I’m not sure what my access to a computer will be like. So posting will be very sporadic. I hope to spend the summer coming up with ideas for future posts so that I can be a little more consistent next year.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful summer and I’ll write when I can.

Enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer everyone.


2 responses to “Almost There

    • Ilanadavita, thank you for your kind wishes. I hope you have a lovely summer. As for my readers, I hope that I manage to keep you and my sisters reading for a long time : )

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