Ya Know Kid, You Got A Mouth On Ya

Yesterday morning (we were at the cottage) when I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast my eldest turned to me and asked what I had tucked under my arm. Without a thought I responded that it was my Kindle. He then asked why I was guarding it. A little bit of guilt and some defensiveness began to prickle at me. Although my explanation was perfectly reasonable to me it was just possible that some people might not see it the same way. So I firmly explained (you have to be extra firm when you are not so sure that you are right) that last night his dad borrowed my Kindle and started reading a book once I went to sleep and I just know that he’s going to want to borrow it again. I don’t want to give it to him because as soon as I finish cleaning the kitchen I want to go down to the dock and read.
My beloved son looked at me with a smile on his face and asked, “Did you even pass kindergarten?”
“What?” I snapped back at him – it was a snappy kind of day for me.
Still smiling the little snake responded with, “Don’t you only need to learn to share with others to pass kindergarten?”
“I was raised in a society without junior kindergarten and this is the result! Get back to studying for your exams.” then I exited the cottage none too graciously.

Later that same day as I was very happily sitting on our dock reading and enjoying my moment of solitude when that same eldest child appeared not unlike a circus parade in a library. It was only fair that I give him a warning. “Listen, I’m having a cranky day, so be smart and give me some distance.”
Undeterred he beamed me his most charming smile, “Oh yes Mom, you only have a husband who loves you and kids who are crazy about you. You have so much to be cranky about.”
There was only one response left to me, “Exams, you, study.”

Whatever happened to: Children should be seen and not heard? Or at least heard a little less?


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