I Have A Problem With This

Something happened last week that I can’t stop playing in my head.

My twins came home from school (grade 8, 13 years old) after having an in depth health class with a guest speaker. The speaker came equipped with freebies for the kids. They all got condoms. Flavoured condoms. Flavoured condoms to 13 year old boys and girls.

Now, believe me I am all for education. I want them to be well informed so that they can make the right decision, however, this seems like a bit much to us. I don’t want them ruining their lives nor anyone else’s because they weren’t protected. But condoms at 13?! Someone put it well when she said it’s like giving them free tickets to the show. I didn’t throw the condoms out, I just told the boys to put them away and save them for university. They’re not illegal and they’re not mine, throwing them out seemed to me as though I would be closing the door on any further discussion of this issue. Two days later one of the twins (Destroy) came to me and said the following; “You know what was really weird? They made us each lubricate a banana and put a condom on it. Wow, Mom, I’ve never seen you look so shocked.”

I don’t even want my son using the word lubricate let alone using a condom.

I know that kids are sexually active at a very young age but I cannot help but wonder if giving away condoms doesn’t condone this behaviour. Is there any kind of discussion about it not being O.K. to do this at their young age?

As much as I don’t want to I have to talk to my boys a little more about this subject to find out exactly what was said about the permisiveness of this issue. They must know how we feel but I think that I need to say it again.

Why the heck did they have to be flavoured? What’s that all about?

Whatever happened to Charms all day suckers?


5 responses to “I Have A Problem With This

    • Ilanadavita, it’s a tricky issue. I’ve been asking around and it seems that there are kids that age who do need this information. I also had just spoken with the vice principal the week before about my son’s geography teacher insisting that the U.K. is a continent. I don’t want to be one of those constantly complaining parents. We’ll handle this one at home ourselves.

  1. Wow. You had me at flavored condoms. It was hard to read anything else. I would steal those before chucking them, they are mad expensive. Anyhow, that is very strange. Sex-ed is really important but it is strange for them to sugar coat it like that. It should be basic and basic condoms. There is no reason for them to make it more fun and tempting that it already is for them. I would complain.

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