Organization 101, Anyone?

Well I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and kind of panicky lately.

Here’s what’s going on; my kids’ luggage has to be packed and ready to go to Toronto for June 23rd. I’ve done that so many times before. I don’t like doing it but I know I’ll get it done. At around the same time we have to be ready to vacate our house so we can begin our renovations. We’ll be moving to our cottage 1/2 hour away so I’m not stressed about our living arrangements. We do have to completely clear our main floor of everything and put it ALL in storage. This is what is causing my concern. Have I also mentioned that I am not a very organized person? I really have to focus on being organized. It’s something that I am still learning to do. Lists help, as long as I don’t lose them. Have I mentioned that my husband is a VERY organized person? He doesn’t get how this can overwhelm me. He always knows how to tackle the big jobs whereas I tend to shut down because I have no idea where to begin. I procrastinate and then I work like a crazy, cranky fiend to get it all done. I asked him how I should begin. He told me to get some boxes and do a little every day. That sounds like a plan, kinda, sorta. But it doesn’t sound like enough of a plan for me.

I need a better plan. So I’m thinking start with camp. Get the kids completely packed up by the end of next week and then move on to the house. Do the kitchen last. I also have to clear out the kids’ bathroom where my big linen closet is. I think there are still some diapers in there and a baby bathtub seat. I can only imagine what I’ll find.

Does this sound like a plan? Suggestions? Anyone out there?


8 responses to “Organization 101, Anyone?

  1. I’m a last minute sort of person and terribly unorganized! Like you, I have a very organized husband. He doesn’t understand my inability to complete a project in an organized fashion! I always say, do a little at a time-but usually wait until the last minute, running around like a chicken and yelling at everyone in my way! I don’t think I’ll ever change my ways, because I can’t. Good luck with everything!

  2. I say – throw everything in boxes and then organize as you are unpacking all the stuff from the main floor!! But definitely camp first and then main floor!!

    • Ilanadavita, thanks for asking. In a couple of weeks this will all be over and things will be back to normal. I know that I can’t really complain when these are my greatest stressors. Hope all is well with you.

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