Electric Silence

You know I think those electric scooters are kinda cool. Kinda. Sorta.

They come in fun colours.

They’re not as scary as motorocycles.

They look fun.

They’re good for the environment. Like the Smart car of the motorcycle world.

You can’t possibly take any of your kids with you on them or shlep groceries. That has to be a plus and a minus.

You have to wear a big helmet with them. I 100% believe in helmets but those scooters kind of look like you should wear a bike helmet with them.

I would look like Bozo the clown on one of those things with a helmet on.

They are silent. So silent. They make less noise than a bicycle.

I was stepping away from my parked car on a main street when one of those silent, zippy, colourful scooters swished right past me. I never heard it coming. We could have collided. Luckily I spotted it first.

I’m not sure how I feel about those things.


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