Spring Has Sprung

So I think that spring has well and truly arrived.

All of the signs are announcing it to be so.

The grass is quite green.
Trees are budding.
The roads have been swept clean of the accumulated sand.
Birds are waking me in the morning.
There has already been a bear awareness assembly.
The smell of decomposing things has passed.
I’m getting nervous as I watch a robin make a nest too close to the ground in one of our cedar trees. Those birds never learn and our neighbour’s cat always manages to find them.
Kids are wearing shorts to school.
Even my mailman is wearing shorts.
Tulips have come up in my garden, the crocus(es, crocusi?) have already come and gone.
The peony shoots are showing above the earth.
Passover is so over.
The ice is off all of the lakes!!

Yet, why am I afraid to wash the kids snow suits and put them away?


4 responses to “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Because you, like me, do it every year and then have to do it again after the May snowstorm! 😉

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