My Unrefined Palate

Well, my husband and I did something fun this weekend. Something just for us. No kids were invited. Something new. We attended a wine tasting dinner at a local restaurant. Now I have already written that I don’t drink, I can’t really tolertate alcohol, but this was just up my alley. I got to take one or two sips out of a glass and not feel bad that I wasn’t drinking more. I also got to see how the wines enhanced the wonderful meal that we were having.

I learned a bit about each wine. A hint of plum here, essence of raspberry there and the rich smoky flavour of the earth. One of the wines was known for it’s “throbbing acidity” (snicker, snicker). Well, at least that’s what he said. I can honestly say that it all tasted like…wine to me. I liked the #2 and the #4, I wonder if the LCBO carries 2 and 4? I was told that I couldn’t detect the flavours because my palate is urefined. I would like to add that my palate is now insulted! I mean really, I have been drinking wine since I was a young girl. I can tell the difference between a Mogen David and a Manischewitz with my eyes closed. Why, I can even tell the difference between a blackberry and a concord grape kiddish wine. So don’t you tell me my palate is unrefined!

As for tasting, hints of chocolate, berries, tobacco, melon, suuuure ya can. And it’s not even at all pretentious.

Still it was a lot of fun, we’ll do it again next month and if anything ever tastes at all different to me than just like “wine” I promise to let you know.

By the way, did you know that there is a carbonated sweet wine that can be served with dessert? Wine-pop. Yum. Yes, I am soooo sophisticado.


4 responses to “My Unrefined Palate

    • They did not serve any wines from France this time. We have done this one other time at that time the French wine was considered the piece de resistance. My husband said that you could tell that it was a superior wine. I, of course, could not : ) . I also cannot remember the names of any of the wines, which is a pity because there were two that I quite liked. Oh well.

  1. Sounds like a great trip for two reasons. 1. No kids 2. Wine
    Can’t go wrong there. Even if I, as well, have an unrefined palate. I am not going to any wine tasting competition any time soon. So drinking for no reason sounds great.

    • Logophile, it was great even though it was just a dinner and not a whole trip. Sometimes an evening away from the kids can feel like a mini vacation. I am waiting for them to start doing chocolate tastings. I’m sure my palate would be good at that!

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